English and Spanish Summer Camp in Madrid Hills

From 27th of June to 28th of August 2021

Summer camps of English and Spanish in San Rafael, Segovia Spain. For children from 6 to 16 years old.

English, Spanish and fun!!!!

Our camp is located in San Rafael, Segovia, Spain. The location is really perfect as it is in the middle of Sierra de Guadarrama hills. It enviornment is unique and it is located at only 30 minutes from Madrid. This location offers a great variety of possibilities and overall, a great contact with nature without unnecesary long trips.

Our camps combines Spanish, English, and multiadventure. Due to the fact, that our camp is in a perfect location, we do not need transportation almost at all.

The inmersion in English or Spanish is 100% as well as all the activities.

Eagle Road´s main targets:

  • Fun and direct contact with nature
  • Kids to be self-confident with themselves and keep advancing
  • That they learn to live and share with children of their same ages
  • That they lose their fear to the language
  • To gain fluency and vocabulary through games and activities

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Summer camp fees 2021

The camp starts every Sunday from 15.00 to 17.00. The camp ends on Saturday from 16.00 to 18.00.

Summer Camp rates 2021

Early Bird Offers

Special discounts if you book before the 5th of February

One week : 449€ - 360€

Two weeks: 779€ - 680€

  • You can choose the start date up to 30th April
  • Early booking offer before 5th February
  • Acount number ES84 0049 2684 2227 1457 2712
  • Concept: name of student and camp
  • One week: 449€
  • Two weeks: 779€
  • Discount second brother or sister: 30€
  • One week: 429€
  • Two weeks: 759€
  • Discount second brother or sister: 30€

Bus Madrid/San Rafael or San Rafael/Madrid 35 euros one way and per kid

You can also customize the camp with your selected dates, feel free to consult.

Day Camp from 9.30 to 7.30 35€ / day

Reservations: 150€ per kid

Final payment before 27th June


Eagle Road San Rafael Summer Camp San Rafael

Address:Calle de la Calzada s/nSan Rafael, Segovia 40410

Situation: the camp is developed in an area of 25000 square meters. We are located in the hills of Madrid very close to a natural lake.

Our facilities, in the middle of nature, have bedrooms with private bathroom, showers included. The capacity is of four people up to six. We also have zip lines, swimmimg pools and many play zones.

The food is homemade and it is done in the camp by our own cooks.


Workshop rooms
Indoor and Outdoor dinning room
Climbing wall
Tennis court Basketball court Football field
Zip Lines
Cooking area ( special diets, celiacs, diabetic, alergies, etc..)
Two swimming pools, a big one, and a small one of only 70 cm depth
Rooms from 4 up to 6 people with private bathroom.
Four 10 people bedroom available for big groups upon request. Boys and girls are separated in the bedrooms. They don´t share bedrooms nor bathrooms.
Los niños y las niñas siempre duermen en habitaciones diferentes. Niños y niñas no comparten baño ni habitación.
Inside their rooms they have closets in which they can store their belongings in a safe way.
Monitores del campamento eagleroad

Our monitors are native from United States, Scotland, England and Australia, as well as Spanish ones for the Spanish camp. They speak to the children only in English, or only Spanish depending of the chosen camp.


  • Each monitor is in charge of 10 kids at most, of the same ages.
  • The monitors are with their kids all the time. Their main mission is that all the kids participate actively and to promote the communication among them. Total immersion of the language.
  • We have monitors in many different languages to ensure a clear communication in any special case.
  • Under normal basis we use only English/Spanish as a daily language with different games, songs, videos, role play etc.

Activities of the Summer Camp

  • Adventure activities, Laser combat or archery tag, zip lines, trekking, horse ridding, water boats, bow and arrow, cooking contest, workshops, and much more.
  • Swimming pools, water games
  • Zumba
  • Hand craft workshops, painting, cookie baking, bracelet workshop and much more
  • Equality workshops
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Robotic workshops
  • Escape Room
  • Disco dancing area
  • Free time of course to rest and get more energy.
Actividades de tirolinas en el campamento de San Rafael

Every Saturday we celebrate the Rock & Stars night concert. During the day, the kids are in the canoes and swimming pools of the Nayade Hotel facilities, and in the evening after dinner, they will have a private Rock Concert. After we stay till the next morning in this wonderful hotel where we will have breakfast. If you have reserved two weeks in the camp, it is free, but if you stay only one week, don´t worry, you can add it for only 59 euros, and 49 euros the second kid.

Our camps are a combination of adventure activities, sports, and workshops all done in English/Spanish. The children learn while they play and have fun. The activities mentioned are done under the basis of two weeks.

Comedor del campamento de verano Eagleroad San Rafael

The Eagle Road camp develops the learning of the language in an active way through all the activities mentioned.

What does the camp include?

  • The Summer Camp includes:
  • Activities and field trips
  • Interactive games to promote the learning of the language
  • Four plenty home made meals, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. And if you are still hungry, just ask for more!
  • Special diets, like celiac, diabetic, intolerance to any food, etc.
  • Special discount for second brother or sister
  • Optional transportation to and from the camp

All that you need to come to the camp

Our camps do not require anything special. We provide all the extra material, like rackets, balls, etc..

  • The children must bring a cell phone in order to talk to their parents during the call days. These days are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm
  • In any case, the parents can contact us in every moment
  • Download our activity program
  • If you want to know what to bring in your suitcase download it here
  • If you want to know what your are going to eat, download it here If you have any doubt, download frequent questions
  • Rules about camp.

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All our method is under the basis of learning the language with games. We also encourage the kids to participate in the activities, and mostly demonstrate them that they are not studying, but learning in any case. All our monitors are natives or bilingual.

Our method is based on learning playing. This is why, we offer classes upon request, but as something optional. All our monitors are trained under the Eagle Road System.