Christmas Camp in Spain

From 26 of December to the 5 of January 2019

The Christmas Eagle Road camps take place in San Rafael, in the hills of Madrid. We are in a natural environment privileged and quiet. And with very easy access. This Christmas camp is organized for children from 6 to 18 years old.

All the activities developed in Eagle Road are in Spanish with native speakers. In this way we achieve the goal to get the motivation and participation and specially to get rob the fear of speaking.

It is a Spanish Inmersión, due to the fact that all the monitors are Spanish. Besides the director is always in the camp, supervising all the activities and making sure that everybody is happy and comfortable.

We know that Christmas is a very special moment, and for this reason we will do all our effort to make of this experience an unforgettable one. And of course all in Spanish.


  • Total price :£559 / 11 days
  • Daily rate : £52 / day (includes 1 day and night and full board and )
  • Extras
    • £45 airport round trip to the camp.
    • £35 visit to Madrid downtown
    • £45 vist to Toledo
    • £35 visit to Avila
  • Feel free to ask us discounts for groups and any other ones.
Calle de la Calzada s/n
San Rafael, Segovia 40410

Reservation ONLINE

The Eagle Road Christmas camps include lodging, four meals, and all the activities and workshops and any other activity offered by the camp. There is no extra cost.

  • Native monitors
  • Rooms with capacity for 6 people maximum and with private bathroom
  • Multiple activities such as trekking, horse ridding, zip line etc
  • 4 meals breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, with the possibility of having extra helpings, no problem
  • We offer special menus for celiacs, vegetarian, and any other request

  • Each monitor will be in charge of a group of 8 to 10 children, depending on their ages.
  • The monitors are with the children everytime. Their mission is to help children communicate in Spanish and to develop participatory activities. Total immersion in the language!
  • We have English-speaking partners who can speak with the children if necessary
  • We use Spanish as the only language between teacher and student, and we do recreational and empathic games, videos, music and movies.

  • Adventure activities: zip line, hiking, horseback riding, archery, trekking and more!
  • Creative workshops: crafts, painting, etc.
  • Disco dancing for children in our facilities
  • And of course, time to relax and, most of all, recover energy!
  • Optional Field trips to Madrid, Segovia and Toledo and Avila- Ask for information at the time of booking

  • Rooms have personal lockers or cupboards where you can safely store all your belongings
  • Classrooms for workshops
  • Indoor dining room
  • Own kitchen (special diets if required: gluten allergies and intolerances)
  • Nurses
  • Sports facilities: tennis court, basketball and football
  • Our own zip lines
  • Climbing
  • 2 pools. One for small children

  • Children can carry mobile phones. The phones are given to the children twice a week, so that they can communicate with their parents
  • Parents can contact with the monitors or the camp director at all times
  • Do you want to know everything you need to pack? Download detailed list here

The camp includes:
  • Activities and field trips
  • Interactive games to promote the language
  • 4 meals a day prepared at the camp. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.
  • We also have special menus for celiac children, with allergies or food intolerances
  • Second brother discount available