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English and Spanish courses for companies and private students

Eagle Road is a training company located in Madrid that has given courses all around Spain since 2001. Our services are specialized on English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French classes, as well as several training courses such as Labor Risk.

Eagle Road provides its students with all the necessary material, such as graphic and audiovisual material for the proper development of our students. Our experience and guarantee is mainly represented by our Director of Studies, Diego Ruz, native from USA. He has been a language teacher in the United States as well as foreign language teacher. Diego has 6 Masters, in: Linguistics, Student psychology, Accent Reduction programme, Methodology and Modern learning.

Our main objective is that our students learn to speak in a successful and natural way in any situation, either a life situation or a labor one. Our teaching method is composed of various complementary phases which allow us to polish the language the student chose to learn in an easy and natural way, by working on our student´s grammar, accent reduction and ways to speak fluently

Our Team

Our staff is made up of qualified teachers who teach their classes in the company or at your house. Our teachers are all native and experienced. Their main qualities are their responsibility, character, language proficiency, and most important of all, the capacity to establish fluid and respectful communication with people of all types of corporate ranks, from operators to company presidents.

As our main differentiator we can highlight the fact that all of our trainers follow the same method, created and polished by our Director of studies throughout his 28 year journey as a teacher. We think it´s a very important aspect to have in mind when having in consideration the possibility or need of changing your trainer in the development of your courses.

Eagle Road has got 12 permanent native teachers from the United States, Scotland and England among others. We offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to geographical mobility which we provide in order to fulfill the needs of all of our clients around Spain.

About Eagle Road´s Director

Hello everyone! I´m Diego Ruz, Eagle Road´s Director, I have been teaching English for 28 years. I was born in Switzerland, and after turning 1year old, I was taken to live to Los Angeles, C.A., where I grew up until I became 12 years old. After that I lived in Argentina, where I learnt Spanish as a second language. Logically from the beginning I learnt Spanish in a correct way, and after that I was able to help my classmates in their English homework.

Diego Ruz
This was when I discovered my vocation, and I have been teaching since then in four different countries (Argentina, United States, Brazil and Spain). I graduated as an English teacher as a foreign language in Buenos Aires and also as a translator. Then I became a language teacher in the United States. I have also did several masters in U.C.L.A.

Effort, constancy and a good method, are synonyms of a great outcome

Throughout this years I´ve developed and polished the method I teach (Click here to se details).I think what is most relevant of all is that every year I update my method ,in order to modify whatever I consider necessary in base of my experience, what I have taught, and from comments made by Eagle Road´s teachers. In this way we optimize the time spent learning a new language.

I know many people think that it is hard to fully learn and dominate English, or Spanish but with our teaching method and constancy on the student´s side it is absolutely possible! Yes we can! Greetings, see you soon.

Some simple but relevant facts

Courses and Masters

  • Phonoaudiological Techniques.
  • Why should we think in English and know how to transmit it?”
  • How to prepare your student to face the T.O.E.F.L. “
  • Master in learning techniques: Memorization, Role Play, Associating, Intuition, Staging in Real Life.
  • Grammar/ Verb Tenses: A good teaching plan.
  • How to reduce your accent” (Accent reduction)

Degree on teaching English y Technical literature translator

Courses and Masters

  • Master in applied psychology in student teaching
  • Group technique training. Student´s motivation.
  • “The importance of relating theory with practice” course
  • “Learning stages in adults and kids”
  • “Student´s timing”

Courses and Masters

  • Master in Simultaneous translation (Clarity. Precision. Most frequent mistakes. Consequences. Efficient translation)
  • Curso de conversación para principiantes, intermedios y avanzados
  • Conversation for beginners, intermediate and advanced course
  • Job interviews”. ” How to find a Good Job” ” Useful advice for your first job interview” Seminar
  • The importance of English in a globalized world”

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